Grassroots Live! Entrepreneur Showcase

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Share Products & Services ~ Create Media ~ Receive Referrals.


Join us for a unique networking experience in Palm Beach.

  • A live 3-hour outdoor Event designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs actively SHOWCASE and DEMONSTRATE their products, services & information to potential customers and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs (Partners) reserve 10×10 tent space for Showcasing Product/Service Offerings, Samples, Signage, Marketing Materials, Giveaways, Mailing List Signups, etc.
  • Go beyond traditional networking, experience each others business offerings and seek out Partners to help grow your own businesses.
  • Partners will gain confidence and practice in their ability to present their brands.
  • Partners will be interviewed and filmed (if they choose) by a professional videographer and the footage will be given to you for your personal marketing.
  • The Event will be live-streamed and promoted locally on social media.
  • As Partners, we register fellow entrepreneurs – family, friends, associates to increase our collective referral network.
  • As Partners, bring guests – family, friends, associates to increase our collective customer pool.
  • Guests will have the opportunity to purchase items, experience a trial or sample, sign up for introductory offers and receive information from our Partners.
  • Reservation Fees allow us to collectively share in the logistical / marketing costs of the Event in the spirit of Partnership and Cooperation.
  • Partners will network and sample one another’s offerings with the intention to look for referral & strategic marketing partners.
  • Partners can also promote through our official Facebook and Meetup Event Pages as well as share, like and comment on our social postings.
  • Showcase Space is $40 for the 3-hour Event. Payments are made with credit card or PayPal.

Please note: NO electricity will be available. You will need to supply your generator if you need electricity as well as your own table and tent. This is an outdoor event so please plan accordingly. Make sure to bring water to hydrate. Partners are expected to be 1 hour early and stay up to 1 hour afterwards.

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Next Showcase : Feb 25

1:00-4:00 PM

Beyond Fitness

5848 West Atlantic Ave Unit #141