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What is the Grassroots Entrepreneur Community?

The Grassroots Entrepreneur Community is a collective of established and emerging entrepreneurs.

Our Members encompass all areas of business such as Consultants, Practitioners, Service & Product Providers, Artists and Creatives.

Our Members are executives, small business owners, franchisees, self-employed or just beginning their journey. We operate both online and offline in our marketing and product delivery.

We are a very inclusive group and welcome professionals of all kinds. We promote learning, sharing, friendliness and openness. Community Members are passionate and caring people who want to grow by helping others to expand. We consider aspects of our businesses practices to be complementary, integrative or holistic in nature, although we are not exclusively comprised of health and wellness organizations.

Our Core Values

  • We Recognize the Importance of Establishing Real Connections
  • We Are Supportive of Each Others Growth
  • We Are Open-Minded and Inclusive
  • We Aim to Collaborate and Cooperate

How We Operate

  • Monthly Live Networking Events: Socializing, Featured Speakers & Sharing Your Business
  • Live Expos – Vending Opportunities for Members
  • Ongoing Marketing and Promotional Services
  • Online Community –
  • Drop-In Rates, Sponsorship, Vendor Fees

How Our Members Support Each Other:

  • Attend Each Others Events
  • Share, Like & Comment on Others Social Posts
  • Refer Business Opportunities to One Another
  • Hire Each Other
  • Provide Consulting or Guidance
  • Collaborate on Projects
  • Barter & Trade
  • Bring More Members into the Community
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Next Live Gathering: 2/25

1:00-4:00 PM

Beyond Fitness

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